30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 22-28

30dayIt’s almost over. It’s been a little rough trying to remember to do this challenge, but I’ve almost made it. Today, I’m doing days 22-28 in this post. Here goes:

Day 22: Your morning routine– My shift at work starts at 5:30 a.m.. I have my alarm set for 4:10 a.m., but I hit the snooze button at least 3 times when the alarm goes off. When I finally drag myself out of bed. I get up, shower, get dressed, and head to work, until my shift ends at 1:30 p.m. If it’s my day off, I stay in bed until I feel like getting up.

Day 23: A family member you dislike– Ummmm, I plead the 5th. LMAO

Day 24: Something you miss– The 90’s. That is my favorite decade. I was born in 1978, grew up in the 80’s, and was a teenage in the 90’s. The music, the clothes, the tv shows…I miss all of that. Also, even though there were several incidents of violence, times still were nowhere near as rough as they are now. I didn’t have real responsibilities during that decade- all  had to do was go to school. do chores around the house, hang out with my friends…easy breezy. If I had to be stuck in one decade, I would choose the 90’s, hands down.

Day 25: Four weird traits you have– (1) I pull put my eyelashes. Like, I have no lashes at all. It started as a nerve issue, but I find myself pulling my lashes even when I’m not stressing about anything; (2) I am obsessed with crunching on ice. I will go to Sonic-they have the best ice- and buy cups at a time. It doesn’t matter how cold I am, I’ll still want a cup of ice; (3) I only eat the red and pink Starbursts and/or Skittles; (4) must have a comforter on me when I sleep..I can’t sleep under just a sheet.

Day 26: Things you’d say to an ex– Thank you. Thank you for showing me how NOT to love a woman like me. Being with you shows me all the traits I need to look out for an avoid like the plague in the next man I meet. Also, you tried so hard to break me down, but you didn’t win. I’m still standing and I’m still smiling…so I won. Y’all tried it though.

Day 27: What you wore today– It’s my off day, so I’m wearing a t-shirt and leggings around the house..very comfortable.

Day 28: The word/phrase you use constantly“Girl, bye.” It’s a phrase that means you’re not even trying to hear the foolishness that is coming out of somebody’s mouth.


30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 10-21

30dayChyle, I’m so behind on this here writing challenge. I am really trying to keep up with it, but…yeah. The last time I did a post was on day 9, I think. Since it’s my day off, I’m going to attempt to catch up. Leggo!

Day 10: A fruit you dislike– Pears. They’re just…blah!

Day 11: Your current relationship status– Happily divorced as of November 2015. Check out my divorce blog, The Sarcastic Divorcee (shameless plugging, I know)

Day 12: Two words/phrases that make you laugh– Well, “you name it” is sweeping social media right now…it makes me giggle

Day 13: Your commute to/from work/school/etc.– Well, I live just a couple of blocks up the street from my job, so I don’t have far to travel at all.

Day 14: Your life in 7 years– I hope to be married again. I loved being married…I was just married to the wrong man. I hope that both of my children are doing well in life. I just hope to be living and happy.

Day 15: Three pet peeves– Just 3? Anyway, here they are. (1) Pictures hanging crooked on the wall. IDK why, but seeing a picture not hanging straight irks me and I will get up and go straighten it. (2) People who drive 5 mph in front of me when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere…and they stare at me through their mirror the whole time, as if they know I’m in a hurry and they’re pissing me off on purpose. Yes, I have a tiny bit of road rage. (3) Overly chatty co-workers who over-share too much of their lives. I like talking and laughing to make the time go by, but I’m not much of a small-talker. I hate small talk. Like, I have no problem being quiet sometimes. I’m a Virgo- I like to think more than talk, especially if I’m not particularly fond of you and I couldn’t care less what you’re talking about. Yeah, Chatty Patty’s irk my soul too. Like, does my facial expression not scream, “Stop talking to me? STFU, already!” 

Day 16: Bullet your entire day: I don’t have much of a life. I go to work and come home, except for my dreaded daily trip to Walmart. My son plays high school football, so my Friday nights consisted of me going to football games, but now that football season has ended, I’m sure I’ll be sitting at home, per usual. Today is my offday, so I woke up at 5:30 (the time I’m usually just going in to work) and I’ve been lying around watching tv all morning, until I decided to update the blogs. I’m thinking about taking the Christmas decorations out later on, but I’m not holding myself to that. I don’t really plan on doing a lot today at all.

Day 17: A quote you try to live by: Live, Laugh, Love. My all-time favorite. Life is short and I plan to spend my days living life to the fullest, I love to laugh at any and everything, and I’d rather love more than hate.

Day 18: Your favorite color and why– Hot pink/fuschia. IDK why, but I love it. It’s bright, it’s vibrant, it’s sexy.

Day 19: Five fears that you have– (1) Dying. I know we all have to, but…; (2) losing one of my children..just go ahead and toss me in the psych ward if that happens; (3) growing old alone- I do not want to spend my life by myself; (4) a tornado coming through and blowing me away. I am terrified of tornadoes and two years ago, one ripped through my small town at about 11:30 at night and actually killed a couple trying to protect their baby. The baby survived, they didn’t. Scariest night ever; (5) Drowning. I almost did when I was about 9..in a lake while on a church picnic. Luckily, some man saved me. I love the water…as long as I don’t have to get in it. My biggest fear is that I will somehow find myself in my car under water and I won’t be able to get out.

Day 20: Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 3 songs that play and what you initial thought is– (1) So Many Tears by Tupac; (2) Wicked Games by The Weekend; (3) You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson. My thought is, I love all kinds of music. I turn into an instant gangsta whenever a Tupac song comes on, then I get my sexy on when I listen to The Weekend, and I just want to hold the love of my life (if I had one) tight when I listen to this song by M.J. R.I.P. Michael.

Day 21: Your zodiac horoscope and whether you think it fits you. I am a Virgo, all day, everyday. I know the whole zodiac sign thing is for fun, but there has not been one Virgo quality/trait/characteristic that I’ve come across that doesn’t fit me and my personality- good or bad. It’s almost scary sometimes how the characteristics that are listed for Virgos are like 100% accurate when it comes to me.


Days 7,8, & 9: 30 Day Writing Challenge

30dayY’all, I am so trying to keep up with this 30 day writing challenge, but like most of the world, the presidential election has held my attention for the last several days. #Elections2016 came to a tragic end last night when Donald Trump was elected president. I’ll save my thoughts on that for another day when I’m able to even formulate my reaction to that. Anyway, I’ve missed the last 3 days of the challenge, so I’ll do days 7 and 8 along with today all in one post.

Day 7: What tattoos do you have and what is the meaning? I have two tattoos. I got both on the same day in 2007 (I think). I have two connecting hearts on my right bicep with my children’s names (Ja’Coree & Kenya) written inside each heart, and on my right calf, I have a rose with the word Virgo written on it (my zodiac sign) Neither hurt as much as I expected them to and I’d like to get more one day, but so far these are the only two I have.

Day 8: A book you love and one you didn’t: This is hard because I’m a bookworm and I’ve read hundreds of books that I love. Off the top of my head, I’ll say the one I loved (the most) was Remembering Whitney: My Story Of Love, Loss, And The Night The Music Stopped, the autobiography written by Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston. As a huge Whitney fan, I cried real tears while reading parts of this book. While it was hard to read some things I never knew about my favorite singer, it gave me an inside look at her private life, her pain, and struggles from the one person who knew her best and who had nothing but her best interest at heart…her mother. As for the book I hated, I haven’t read a book that was so bad that I hated it, but there are some that I’ve read that didn’t hold my attention. There was this urban book, Love In The Chamber, that was one of them. While I don’t have anything against urban fiction/authors, I just couldn’t get into this story and I didn’t make it past 3% on my Kindle. Not saying the author or the book was bad, but if the story doesn’t grab my attention in the first few pages, I get bored and move on to something else.

Day 9: Your feelings on ageism: Discrimination based on someone’s age…I don’t agree with that. I know that the elderly tend to become more forgetful as they grow older..dementia and alzheimer’s kicks in for many, and their minds are the first to go, but this is not the fate for all older people. There are some 70 years old’s with minds sharper than tacks and while they might move slower at a job, for instance due to age, they can be more qualified to do a job better than someone half their age. The same can be reversed. Just because someone is 16 or 17 years old and may not have as much life experience as someone ten or twenty years their senior, doesn’t mean they’re not qualified to perform a job, drive better, or perform any other daily activities just as good, if not better, than their elders. Ageism-No bueno.

Day 6- 30 Day writing challenge

30dayDay 6: Someone who fascinates you and why-

This is an easy one. With the 2016 presidential election coming up in just 2 short days, I, along with millions of other people, are already missing President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. While I would not vote for Trump, even if my life depended on it, I’m not too thrilled about voting for Hilary, either…although I did vote for her.

I admire President and First Lady Obama for leading this country with style, class, dignity, and respect. While we may not have always agreed with some of the president’s decisions, I’ve never felt that he intentionally did anything for personal gain, or to harm the nation. Having served two terms, President Obama faced 8 long years of racism and has been the most disrespected president in history, mainly by racist Conservative bigots who still to this day, with only two days left until another president is chosen, can’t get over the fact that a Black man was president of “their country.” No matter what President Obama did or said, he was criticized for it, yet he still maintained the class and dignity that a president should have. The same goes for Mrs. Obama. She is by far the most beautiful, stylish, classiest first lady this country has ever had, yet White women, especially, have shown nothing hatred for this woman and her two beautiful daughter, Malia and Sasha.

While I wish that President Obama could somehow serve a third term, I am glad that his time in office has almost come to an end, because I don’t know how he’s remained so calm and respectful while facing all the racism and hateful comments that is hurled at him and his family on a daily basis. President and Mrs. Obama will go down in history as one of the best, or the worst, depending on who you ask, but I, for one, am sad to see them go.

30 Day Writing Challenge (con’t)

30dayI missed days 3 and 4 of the writing challenge (procrastinating) so I’m going to do days 3,4, and 5 all in the same post so I can play catch up.

Day 3: First love/first kiss– Well, my first love actually wasn’t my first boyfriend. Although we were all in high school together, 20 years ago, I didn’t actually start ‘going together’ with my first love until around prom of my senior year (he was a junior) So, we started talking about a week before prom and continued dating for a few months after I graduated. I also shared my first ‘real, real kiss’ with my first love.

Day 4: Ten interesting facts about yourself-

  1. I am terribly afraid of clowns and this didn’t just start with this whole creepy clown phase that’s swept the nation…I’ve been afraid of them ever since I watched IT when I was a kid.
  2. I became a published author in 2014 and have self- published over 15 books
  3. I have an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice
  4. I worked in a correctional center for exactly one day (actually I didn’t even finish the whole shift)
  5. I am afraid of the dark and I simply cannot and will not sleep without the tv and the bathroom light on at night
  6. I’ve survived a couple of near death experiences, including drowning and strangulation.
  7. I have no eyelashes because I have suffer from trichotillomania, a hair pulling disorder…I have been pulling out my lashes for several years
  8. Even though I’m outgoing, I used to be painfully shy in school, and I still am at times now as an adult.
  9. I’m embarrassingly clumsy and accident prone
  10. I’ve been down with the swirl (another story for another day)


Day 5: A place you’d live, but have never visited– I was born and raised in southern Arkansas, and I’ve never lived in a town with a population of more than 5,000 people, so I’m not sure how I was function living in a big city, but I would love to live in San Francisco, but if we’re talking outside the U.S., I’d love to live in Jamaica

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 2












30 Day Writing Challenge Day 2: Your Earliest Memory

Now y’all are trying to make me think. My mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be, but one of my earliest memories is staying at my step-grandmother’s house while my mom and step-dad were at work. As a small kid- I was about three or four, I think- of course I would mess with everything, especially all of her ceramic figurines and what-nots on the coffee table. I can remember her constantly saying, “No, don’t touch this…don’t touch that…” And to this day, her house still looks exactly the way I remember it looking as a kid. Now that I’m an adult, I am the same way she way….I told my kids not to touch my little figurines when they were little too, and it’s like they just knew, even though they were toddlers, don’t touch mommy’s figurines.





November 2016 30 Day Writing Challenge


It’s a new month and I have been slacking something terrible on my writing (my blogs, books, everything) so I’m going to get back on my grind, starting with doing this #30DayWritingChallenge. Join me if you’d like, and let your imagination run wild.

Day 1: Five problems with social media.

Just 5??? I am a social media junkie…mainly because I have no life; so Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become my besties…my bridges to what’s going on in the world. But even I get tired of some of the things that I see on my favorite social media sites, and I’m going to list them, in no particular order.

  1. Racists have gotten completely out of control. America was built on racism and no matter how much some people try to deny it, we still live in a very racist society. However, prior to the invention of social media, most racist bigots sat around their kitchen tables and talked about their hatred for Black folks, and any minority group in general. They smiled in the faces of their Black neighbors and coworkers, all the while calling them a ni**er in their heads, because they knew better than to let this racial slur escape their lips. But “kitchen table” talk has a new platform, and it’s called social media. These same bigots now feel protected and comfortable making derogatory comments about Blacks from behind their keyboards and cell phones, because they feel there won’t be any repercussions, i.e. getting karate chopped in the throat for saying the n-word.
  2. It’s a playground for internet thugs and bullies. Back when I was in school, I was bullied at times, but I felt comforted in knowing that once the school day ended, I wouldn’t have to be bothered by my bully again until the next school day and if I ignored them, they eventually left me alone. But due to social media, bullies can harass & torment people via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever else. What’s worse, it’s not just friends and classmates who are the audience for a person’s torment, it’s put out there for the entire world to see. Bullies feel comfortable sitting on their cell phones demeaning and degrading others, especially celebrities, and think they can say any and everything they want, without any regards for anyone’s feelings. Because of this cyber bullying, teen suicide has risen at an alarming rate.
  3. Too many Debbie Downer’s raining on your parade. I am divorced, but even so, I’m not a bitter woman. I still believe in love, I want love, and  I love to see Black love, especially, put on display. But there are some bitter, hateful people out there who hate to see someone else happy and it shows by the many think pieces and posts that are made on a daily basis, trying to police someone else’s page and tell them what they should and shouldn’t post. Everyday, I scroll down my Facebook timeline and see people complaining about the amount of baby pictures, couples date night photos, and beauty challenge photos that someone else is posting. The simple solution to that is, unfollow, unfriend, or just keep scrolling, and STFU. Let people live and be happy. Just because you’re miserable, don’t sit there with your face frowned up because someone else is happy and in love. The major argument about couples sharing their photos is, “Couples who post lots of pics aren’t really happy…they’re showing off, trying to convince everyone that their lives are great, but they’re frontin.'” First of all, how the hell do you know? Unless you live with them, you have no idea what goes on in their bedroom. Second of all, I would much rather see repeated pics of other couples trips, vacays, and date nights, than all the nudity and just downright vulgar posts that I have the unfortunate pleasure of seeing on a daily basis. Fix your face, get you a  life, and let everybody else live their’s, please & thank you.
  4. Speaking of the nudity I mentioned above, Zuckerburg and them over at the Facebook Police department are seriously slipping on monitoring and deleting the amount of naked pics and images that are being posted. *Disclaimer: I’m far from a prude; I write erotic romance novels, some with very detailed sex scenes, and I’m that girl that takes something innocent and can make it into a dirty joke* However, I realize that there is a time, a place, and an audience for strong sexual content, and social media is not the place. A dirty joke here and there is cool, but I don’t need or want to see what the inside of your vajayjay looks like, and I certainly don’t want to see that on my social media timelines. When I see the extreme nudity and inappropriate memes, I practice what I preached earlier by deleting the post (and sometimes the poster if it’s repeated) and I go on about my business. Simple as that. But seriously, there are young folks on these sites, so..yeah. Fix that.
  5.  Relationships come here to die. With the invention of social media, cell phones, and the many other ways we can talk to someone without actually talking to them, comes miscommunication, which can lead to the end of your relationships with family, friends, significant other’s, and more. We all like to vent from time to time, but Facebook, especially, has become the place where people like to go and unload all of their family, work, marriage/relationship drama, for all of their friends to see. Private arguments/disputes are put on public display, and the spectators and their comments and advice usually doesn’t help an already volatile situation.

So, these are some of my issues with social media…what are some of yours? Sound off!