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TBT: Prince on Essence Cover


It is with so much sadness that I write that Prince has passed away today.Circumstances surrounding his death haven’t been released yet, but I just read a few days ago that he was in the hospital, then he was at home recuperating; however, today, he was found dead. I had such a big crush on this man.

I wrote a blogpost about him on my original blog, Random Thughts of a Virgo on the Blogger site back in 2014, when he covered Essence magazine. Since it’s TBT, I’m reposting it here. Click the link to see the original post and RIP Prince.


TBT: My First Book

It’s hard to believe that I self-published my very first book two years ago. I have always been a book worm, ever since the 6th grade when my nose stayed in a Sweet Valley Twin book. As I grew older, I got into John Grisham’s crime/court dramas, Lisa Jackson’s thrillers, Zane’s erotic novels, and any and every other genre of book I could find. Eventually, I decided I wanted to write my own books, tell some of the crazy stories that have been stuck in my head for years. So, after years of starting and stopping writing and second-guessing myself, I finally self-published my book, My Secret Life: Confessions of a Housewife in May 2014and I haven’t looked back.

Time flies, because two years later, I have written and published more than 10 books, novellas, and short stories, been featured in an anthology, which became a National Bestseller  on AALBC,com, and written and had published an article in a magazine.  

In honor of TBT, I’m giving readers a free book. Yes, you can read my first baby, My Secret Life: Confessions of a Housewife free through Sunday. Just click the link below to get your copy.

And be sure to check out the sequel to this book, Swinging in the New Year for $0.99 when you’re finished. Happy Reading.