Every Year, Every Christmas now on Kindle



It’s LIVE!!! Head over to Amazon.com and 1click my latest book, Every Year, Every Christmas, a #HolidayRomance for only $0.99.

I got the inspiration for writing this book while listening to one of my favorite Christmas songs, Every Year, Every Christmas by Luther Vandross.



Although Patricia is married and has two children with her husband, Rodney, when she runs into her first and only true love around Christmastime, the feelings she thought she’d buried immediately resurface, setting off a chain of events that causes her life to spin out of control. A love will be found, a love will be lost, and the lives of everyone involved will never be the same.

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New Release: Red Hot Rebound

Summer is not quite over yet…there’s still time to indulge in a sizzling hot erotic novella. Red Hot Rebound is available now on Kindle for $0.99 or you can read it FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited. So, head over to Amazon and 1-click this hot beach read today.

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Elementary school teacher, Summer Wallace, has been looking forward to summertime…her favorite time of the year. Not only does she get a break from her sometimes unruly students, she’s looking forward to letting her hair down when she and her best friend and cousin, Dionne take their annual summer trip, this year to sizzling Miami- the fun in the sun capital of the world. However, Summer’s excitement is short-lived after her boyfriend suddenly dumps her. Humiliated after she catches him with another woman, she contemplates skipping the trip to Miami in favor or staying home to drown her sorrows in ice cream and romance novels, but Dionne, is not even trying to hear that, so she packs her bags and heads to The Magic City. What promises to be her most depressing summer vacation ever takes an interesting turn after she visit’s the hotel spa and is given a nearly orgasmic rub-down by smooth-talking massage therapist, Mekhi, who is the epitome of dark chocolate sexiness. Mekhi definitely relieves Summer of her of built up tension and stress as an immediate, undeniable sexual chemistry permeates the air in the room around them. Will Summer give in to her desires and do something unpredictable for once in her life…like engage in a fling on the rebound with this sexy stranger?

New Release from Mary Monroe

Every Woman’s Dream

From Amazon.com:

Not all wishes should come true.

Master storyteller Mary Monroe begins her Lonely Heart, Deadly Heart series with a page-turning tale of seduction and shocking surprises, as two unhappy women fulfill their every erotic dream—and find a desire that kills…
As teenagers, best friends Lola Poole and Joan Procter concocted a scheme to escape their boredom, pass the time between boyfriends—and bring in some money. It all started when they got in the habit of corresponding with lonely, unsuspecting—and generous—older men. In return for their “love letters,” the teens were rewarded with checks. The fun only ended when their swindle nearly got them killed. Now they’re grown, but they’re still longing for every woman’s dream of love and excitement…

Joan is unhappily married, while Lola is done with putting her life on hold for her selfish relatives’ demands. As girls they were looking for money, but as women they have other needs they want satisfied. And thanks to online dating and a parade of lovers, they’re getting all the sexy fun they missed out on. It’s a downright addictive game. But games can’t last forever—and someone has to lose…



The Divorce Chronicles now in Paperback

BookCoverPreview (18)

The Divorce Chronicles ebook is holding steady at #16 on Amazon Best Sellers list in the Family Relationships >>Divorce category and it’s now available in paperback. I couldn’t be more proud of the compliments I have gotten so far on the cover, because I designed it myself. And the content between the front and back cover is just as great. Click the links below to order your copy.





New Release: The Divorce Chronicles

My latest release, The Divorce Chronicles is probably my most favorite book that I’ve written and it’s AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon for $2.99 or you can read it FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Click the link below to order yours.#Ebook #WeekendRead #Bookish #Bookstagram


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