New Release The Divorce Chronicles 2 now in paperback

Have you read my latest book, The Divorce Chronicles 2 yet? If not you can get it on Kindle on Amazon and it’s free on Kindle Unlimited. It’s also now available in paperback, so if you’re looking for a beach read, a summer read, or just a goodread, check it out.

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Walmart’s African-American Book section really irks me

Even though I’ve owned a Kindle for a while and haven’t bought

This is the entire AA section at my local Walmart. This section is split in half from top to bottom with books by white authors.

very many paperback books since I read on it, I still can’t resist walking over to the book section every time I’m in Wal-mart…which is every other day. A part of me is hoping to one day see one of my own books on the shelf, but maybe one day. In the mean time, I still enjoy perusing the books and titles of my fellow authors. For the last few months though, I’ve noticed something unnerving about the book section in the Wal-mart here in Nashville, Ar- the already small African-American section just keeps getting smaller. A few months ago, I noticed that half the section was filled with country-western type books by white authors. I thought maybe people had bought almost all of the books by Black authors and the employees might have just placed those books there for a while, until more AA books came in. However, I just left from there, and it’s the same way. The AA section has dwindled to three or four rows and the country-western genre books have taken over the remainder of the section.

Now, I’m an indie author, and I have a long way to go before my books are on the book shelves anywhere, but I am an avid reader, and I know there are way too many books written by very talented AA authors that could fill the very small section that we’re allowed in Walmart. Although I’m not surprised , it’s a shame our books are segregated anyway; but what pisses me off is that section isn’t even filled to capacity with “our” books. Out of that entire long wall of books, we’ve been given a fourth of it, and we’re being shut out of our own spot. I don’t know how it is in all Walmart’s, but here in Nashville, they seem to think that Black people don’t read. Either that, or they just don’t care. It’s to the point that I’m really ready to go to management and ask them why “our” section has to be shared with white authors and their books. I actually don’t mind the fact that AA books are sectioned off, because it saves me the time of trying to weed through all the other books while trying to find ours. But dammit, the selection could and should be a whole lot better. Pretty soon, our little square section will be gone, altogether.Walmart, I’m calling you out to do better. Black people read, too. Can we get some books that are for us, by us on those shelves? Please & thank you kindly.