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Proud Mommy: My daughter is a bookworm too

Fewer things make me happier in life than my two children. Tkenya2hey’re as different as night and day (my son is 17, my daughter is 11) but they each inherited some of my qualities. My son got his kind of shy, quiet, not big on talking demeanor from me, while my daughter’s clumsiness, goofiness, laugh-out-loud at any and everything, and love of books qualities are definitely inherited from me.That she is an avid reader makes a big old kool-aid smile spread across my face.

My love of reading started when I was in middle school, when I encountered my first Sweet Valley Twins book, and she’s followed in my footsteps. She always has her nose in a book. She even requests books for Christmas. When she brings home those book orders from school, she is giddy with excitement as she flips through the brochure, trying to decide which one’s she wants. She saves all of her money (and spends all of mine) but when she does decided to go into her secret stash, it’s usually to buy a book. I think I’ve raised her right.