©2015  by J.L. Sapphire

A crowded restaurant


I catch his eye


We smile at each other

He joins me

We exchange

“How have you been’s,”...

“Long time no see’s”

It’s been years,

But he still makes me nervous..

And horny.

I bite my lip

Damn, he’s sexy

He wants me..

I can tell

His eyes don’t lie,

neither do mine

Sexual chemistry

Yeah, it’s gonna happen

A nearby hotel

A room…a key…my ex

Lips, hands, mouths

All over each other

Clothes tossed on the floor

Lust in the air

No words need to be spoken

He knows what I want…

how I want it

He sexes me from behind-

hard, slightly rough, fast…

He flips my body over

Kisses his way down

Licks his lips

He tastes me…

Has me for lunch

I’m in another world

His tongue on  my clit

Moaning, squirming, panting,

Begging…”don’t stop”

He enters me again

Strokes me until

We explode together

Shy glances and giggles

We get dressed

Say our goodbyes…

Just like that

he’s gone.


Washes over me

I’m married…

So is he.


I long for the next time

He has me for lunch.