Sample Sunday: Woman to Woman

Excerpt from Extracurricular Activity  **Coming Soon. Oh, and don’t get too excited while reading this because my characters  have a tendency to change their minds and who knows what might happen between now and publication. This is subject to change, but for now, enjoy!**

Stock photo of African-American woman talking on cellphone looking depressed.Not wanting to accept that she’d meant absolutely nothing to Kevin, she picked up her cell phone and called him. When the call connected, she was happy that he wasn’t still ignoring her, however, her happiness was short-lived. “Hello?” A female voice answered the phone, and it sounded like the same female that had came to the door earlier.

Joi hadn’t expected for a woman to answer the phone. Caught off guard, she hung up. Not even a minute later, her cell phone rang. Seeing Kevin’s number, she quickly answered, thinking it was him calling her.


“Joi, this is Natasha, Kevin’s girlfriend. And I know that was you who just called and hung up. Kevin has told me all about you. I know you two used to date or whatever, and I also know y’all slept together a few weeks ago, but we’re back together. He’s my man now, so you might as well stop calling him. I’m pregnant with his baby and we’re going to get married, so don’t waste your time, okay.”

Who the hell does this chick think she is? “I’ll stop calling when Kevin tells me not to call him again. Now, can I speak to him, please?”

Natasha laughed. “Sweetheart, you were just a rebound…something to do while we were working on our issues. Accept that and move on. And Kevin is lying right here beside me, rubbing my belly and singing to his baby. Get a life and stop calling, because he won’t answer.” And with that, she hung up the phone in Joi’s face.

Joi sat numbly on the bed, completely shell-shocked after the phone call- which had a Hello-Barbara-this-is-Shirley vibe to it- ended. In all of their conversations, Kevin had never mentioned a girlfriend, let alone the fact that he was about to become a father. And marriage? He’d just told her that he wasn’t ready to settle down with anybody. Had Natasha said that just to throw her off? Or could it be that the Kevin she’d once dated was a different man. It had been close to ten years since they’d last been together, but she couldn’t imagine that he’d change for the worse. While he’d always been a flirt, he was faithful to her when they had dated, and he always cared about her feelings. Now, he was acting all cold towards her-nothing at all like the guy who’d showered her with compliments and praise two weeks ago.

Joi laid in bed and thought back over every aspect of her conversations with Kevin, trying to remember if she had somehow missed something he’d said that would show her that he was the heartless guy he’d shown himself to be earlier. Nothing came to mind. As usual, Kevin had made her feel special, beautiful, and desirable. He’d made her laugh and smile more than Richard ever had. And despite the amount of time that had passed, she could still be herself around him. They had such an undeniable chemistry and it hurt her to even think that all of that had been fake.

Joi had been dumped before, but she’d never had a man curve her to the left as hard as Kevin had. They hadn’t even been dating, yet she felt like she’d just broken up with the love of her life. Tears sprang to her eyes as she remembered how Kevin had acted towards her when she’d gone to his house. His ignoring her had been bad enough, but hearing Natasha say that she was pregnant by him was like pouring salt on an already open wound. And the coup de gras happened when Kevin coolly closed the door in her face, completely dismissing her and her feelings. She had never been punched in the gut before, but now she knew what it must feel like, and it hurt like hell.

Before she knew it, Joi was seriously balling her eyes out. She felt stupid for crying over a man who wasn’t her husband and who she’d only slept with one time in ten years, but maybe that was because somewhere in her subconscious, she realized that she had deeper feelings for Kevin than she thought she had. That was the only logical explanation as to why she was so hurt by his actions.

While she had herself to blame for falling for Kevin so fast, he knew when he’d pursued her that he had no intentions of actually staying in her life. If all he’d wanted was sex, he should have just been upfront about that from the beginning and left all of the talk about making her his girl if she wasn’t married talk out of it. They were both grown and there was no need to play childish games, then ignore afterwards her like some immature, wannabe player.

Soon, Joi’s hurt turned to anger. Who the hell did Kevin think he was to treat her like that? She thought about calling Kevin again to go off on him, but knowing that Natasha was at his house stopped her. As mad as she was, she was a married woman, and it wouldn’t be a good look for her to get into a fight with another woman over a man who wasn’t her husband. She had no choice but to wash her hands of Kevin and move on.


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