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Looking for a good weekend read? I’ve got you covered.

All Bet’s Are Off is the follow-up to my novel, Two Can Play That Game.

all-betsAfter Mya revealed to Gavin- her husband to be- on their wedding night that she couldn’t marry him because she was in love with his brother, Derek, Gavin angrily stormed out of the house, only to be tragically killed in a car accident minutes later. That was five years ago, and both Mya and Derek still carry around guilt in their hearts over Gavin’s death. But one good thing came from that tragic situation- Mya’s son, who was conceived with Gavin before he died.

Over the years, Derek stepped up and helped Mya raise his nephew and, unable to hide his true feelings- that he’s still in love with her- he eventually asks Mya to marry him and adopts his nephew so that he wouldn’t grow up without a father. Happily married and having finally found real love, Mya’s dreams have finally come true; but it’s not happily ever after for the couple, just yet.
As Derek moves up the ranks at the record label he works at, Jasmine- one of his artists- develops more than just professional interests in him. No longer the cute 18 year old girl she was when Derek discovered her, she’s now a 23 year old sexy songstress, sought after by men everywhere- both personally and professionally; but she only has eyes for Derek.

Derek thinks she’s harmless and it’s strictly business between them, but Mya knows what Jasmine is up to, and she’s not having it; however, will her jealousy and insecurity push Derek into Jasmine’s arms…and bed?
All really is fair in love and war, because Jasmine will go to any extreme to get Derek in her bed; and Mya will go to any extreme to keep him in hers.
May the best woman win!

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