Sample Sunday: Woman to Woman

Excerpt from Extracurricular Activity  **Coming Soon. Oh, and don’t get too excited while reading this because my characters  have a tendency to change their minds and who knows what might happen between now and publication. This is subject to change, but for now, enjoy!**

Stock photo of African-American woman talking on cellphone looking depressed.Not wanting to accept that she’d meant absolutely nothing to Kevin, she picked up her cell phone and called him. When the call connected, she was happy that he wasn’t still ignoring her, however, her happiness was short-lived. “Hello?” A female voice answered the phone, and it sounded like the same female that had came to the door earlier.

Joi hadn’t expected for a woman to answer the phone. Caught off guard, she hung up. Not even a minute later, her cell phone rang. Seeing Kevin’s number, she quickly answered, thinking it was him calling her.


“Joi, this is Natasha, Kevin’s girlfriend. And I know that was you who just called and hung up. Kevin has told me all about you. I know you two used to date or whatever, and I also know y’all slept together a few weeks ago, but we’re back together. He’s my man now, so you might as well stop calling him. I’m pregnant with his baby and we’re going to get married, so don’t waste your time, okay.”

Who the hell does this chick think she is? “I’ll stop calling when Kevin tells me not to call him again. Now, can I speak to him, please?”

Natasha laughed. “Sweetheart, you were just a rebound…something to do while we were working on our issues. Accept that and move on. And Kevin is lying right here beside me, rubbing my belly and singing to his baby. Get a life and stop calling, because he won’t answer.” And with that, she hung up the phone in Joi’s face.

Joi sat numbly on the bed, completely shell-shocked after the phone call- which had a Hello-Barbara-this-is-Shirley vibe to it- ended. In all of their conversations, Kevin had never mentioned a girlfriend, let alone the fact that he was about to become a father. And marriage? He’d just told her that he wasn’t ready to settle down with anybody. Had Natasha said that just to throw her off? Or could it be that the Kevin she’d once dated was a different man. It had been close to ten years since they’d last been together, but she couldn’t imagine that he’d change for the worse. While he’d always been a flirt, he was faithful to her when they had dated, and he always cared about her feelings. Now, he was acting all cold towards her-nothing at all like the guy who’d showered her with compliments and praise two weeks ago.

Joi laid in bed and thought back over every aspect of her conversations with Kevin, trying to remember if she had somehow missed something he’d said that would show her that he was the heartless guy he’d shown himself to be earlier. Nothing came to mind. As usual, Kevin had made her feel special, beautiful, and desirable. He’d made her laugh and smile more than Richard ever had. And despite the amount of time that had passed, she could still be herself around him. They had such an undeniable chemistry and it hurt her to even think that all of that had been fake.

Joi had been dumped before, but she’d never had a man curve her to the left as hard as Kevin had. They hadn’t even been dating, yet she felt like she’d just broken up with the love of her life. Tears sprang to her eyes as she remembered how Kevin had acted towards her when she’d gone to his house. His ignoring her had been bad enough, but hearing Natasha say that she was pregnant by him was like pouring salt on an already open wound. And the coup de gras happened when Kevin coolly closed the door in her face, completely dismissing her and her feelings. She had never been punched in the gut before, but now she knew what it must feel like, and it hurt like hell.

Before she knew it, Joi was seriously balling her eyes out. She felt stupid for crying over a man who wasn’t her husband and who she’d only slept with one time in ten years, but maybe that was because somewhere in her subconscious, she realized that she had deeper feelings for Kevin than she thought she had. That was the only logical explanation as to why she was so hurt by his actions.

While she had herself to blame for falling for Kevin so fast, he knew when he’d pursued her that he had no intentions of actually staying in her life. If all he’d wanted was sex, he should have just been upfront about that from the beginning and left all of the talk about making her his girl if she wasn’t married talk out of it. They were both grown and there was no need to play childish games, then ignore afterwards her like some immature, wannabe player.

Soon, Joi’s hurt turned to anger. Who the hell did Kevin think he was to treat her like that? She thought about calling Kevin again to go off on him, but knowing that Natasha was at his house stopped her. As mad as she was, she was a married woman, and it wouldn’t be a good look for her to get into a fight with another woman over a man who wasn’t her husband. She had no choice but to wash her hands of Kevin and move on.


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Elementary school teacher, Summer Wallace, has been looking forward to summertime…her favorite time of the year. Not only does she get a break from her sometimes unruly students, she’s looking forward to letting her hair down when she and her best friend and cousin, Dionne take their annual summer trip, this year to sizzling Miami- the fun in the sun capital of the world.

However, Summer’s excitement is short-lived after her boyfriend suddenly dumps her. Humiliated after she catches him with another woman, she contemplates skipping the trip to Miami in favor or staying home to drown her sorrows in ice cream and romance novels, but Dionne is not even trying to hear that, so she packs her bags and heads to The Magic City.

What promises to be her most depressing summer vacation ever takes an interesting turn after she visit’s the hotel spa and is given a nearly orgasmic rub-down by smooth-talking massage therapist, Mekhi, who is the epitome of dark chocolate sexiness. While Mekhi relieves Summer of her built up tension and stress, an immediate, undeniable sexual chemistry permeates the air in the room around them. Will Summer resist temptation or give in to her desires by engaging in a fling on the rebound with this sexy stranger?



Mehki began the full body massage ritual by starting at her feet, focusing on pressure points as he rubbed them. Next, he glided his hand up to her calves, deeply massaging first one and then the other, before he moved his hangs higher, to rub the backs of her thighs. Summer bit her lip in an attempt to stifle the moan that took form in her throat and threatened to escape her mouth when Mekhi’s large hands squeezed her ass as he slowly and thoroughly massaged her body, and her breath caught in her throat when his fingers nearly touched the forbidden spot between her thighs as he continued his treatment. Summer simply closed her eyes and tried to block out the dirty thoughts that crept into her head as Mekhi relieved her of pain and stress. Damn, if only he’d move his hand a little to the left.

“So,  are you from around here?” Mekhi asked as he worked.

“No, I’m visiting with my best friend, Dionne for summer vacation,” Summer responded.

“Cool. You enjoying it here so far?”

“I guess.”

“You guess? Miami is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world, and you have to guess?”

“I’ve only been here two days, and I have mostly stayed in my room.”

“Jetlag had you tired?”

“Not really….I just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. I honestly didn’t even want to come on the trip, but Dionne would have never let me hear the end of it if I hadn’t come.”

“Why didn’t you want to come, if you don’t mind my asking?”

Summer shrugged as Mekhi rubbed her shoulders. “I just…have a lot going on right now that’s keeping me from enjoying myself.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“Man problems, let’s just leave it at that.”

“Ah, I see,” Mekhi said, she his hands dropped back to Summer’s butt and he squeezed her plump cheeks again, which caused Summer to twitch. She held her breath as his fingers glided up and down the inside of her thighs again, the tips of his fingers barely grazing her Georgia peach.

This feels so inappropriate…yet so good at the same time, Summer thought to herself.

“Can you turn over onto your back now?” Mekhi’s deep voice said, breaking her thoughts.

Summer turned over and looked up at Mekhi, who stared down at her with unmistakable lust in his eyes for a brief moment before he began his work. Just as before, Mekhi began at her feet and worked his way up. Even though Mekhi made sure not to touch any of the forbidden areas, he’d let his fingers glide dangerously close before he’d move to another spot.

“Does this feel good to you?” Mekhi asked as he looked down into Summer’s big, brown eyes while he rubbed the inside of her thighs, applying just the right amount of pressure to them to cause her thighs to tingle in reaction to his touch.

“Yes.” Summer’s voice was barely a whisper and her eyelids fluttered rapidly. She bit her lip and groaned when Mekhi’s fingers repeatedly grazed the inside edge of her underwear and she was sure he was going to touch her there. To her disappointment, he remained professional and never did.

Mekhi grasped Summer’s forearm and lightly massaged it, all the way down to fingertips. “Did you know that the wrist has direct access to one of a woman’s erogenous zones?”

Summer shook her head no. “What are erogenous zones? And no, I didn’t know that.”

Mekhi turned her arm so that her palm was facing upward and slid his fingers along the crease inside her wrist and rubbed it, applying slight pressure to the spot right underneath her palm. He gently pressed the spot with his thumb, which caused Summer to flinch a little. “Erogenous zones are sexual pressure points, basically.” He pressed the spot again as he looked down at Summer’s face to gauge her reaction.

“What was that?” she asked. Whatever Mekhi had just did, it immediately awaked all of her sexual senses and sent a tingling jolt of energy throughout her entire body.

“That was me finding one of your g-spots,” he answered as he moved to the other arm and began the same ritual.

“Wow, who knew the wrist could be so exciting?” Summer said nervously. She was still trying to recover from whatever Mekhi had done a few seconds ago when he’d pressed that spot on her wrist.


Sample Sunday: High Definition Rendezvous

**Coming soon…sample may change before publication**


“I’m coming,” I yelled as I tripped over a box while trying to run to the front door. I pulled the door open and found myself staring into a pair of hazel eyes. Damn, I thought to myself. The cable guy is kind of fine. 

“Good morning, ma’am. Are you Shanice Cannon?” hazel eyes asked.

“Y-yes,” I said once I was able to speak. I glanced at his name badge. His name was Eddie and he was with the satellite television company. My husband, Quinton, and I had just moved into town two weeks earlier, and being the t.v. junkie that I was, the very first thing I did was call the company so I could have my television service.

Quinton was an emergency room doctor and he often worked long and late hours, leaving me at home to entertain myself. We didn’t have any children yet, although we had been trying to have one. I had my own business as a photographer, but when I wasn’t taking family, baby, and wedding photos, I was often home…alone…with nothing but the television to keep me company.

“I’m Edward Harris, but mostly everyone calls me Eddie. I’m here to install your satellite dishes and connect your service.” He looked down at the clipboard he was carrying. “It says here that you’ll be getting two receivers- one in the living room and one in the bedroom?”

I shook my head. “Umm, yes; that’s correct.”

“Perfect. I’ll do what I need to do outside first, then I’ll come inside and work my magic. That cool?”

My eyes did a quick scan up and down Eddie’s body. I’ll bet you can work some magic. I tried, unsuccessfully, not to notice the bulging biceps peeking from underneath his short sleeved uniform shirt. With his smooth, dark chocolate skin, low cut faded haircut, and goatee, Eddie had all the right ingredients to make any woman suddenly melt quicker than a cube of ice on the sidewalk in the middle of August. Even though it was a cool March morning, a surge of heat suddenly snaked through my body and came to a rest between my thighs.

“That’s fine,” I said. I watched him turn and walk to his van to gather his work equipment. Even in the uniform slacks he was wearing, I could tell that Eddie had a nice, round ass. I mentally tapped myself on the hand and chastised myself for lusting after that man. Lord forgive me, for the sinful thoughts I’m having, I silently prayed as I closed the door.

While Eddie was outside, I went into the living room and began unpacking some of the boxes. I never realized I had so much stuff until it came time to move it. I removed some of my Swarovski crystal figurines from the pieces of newspaper I’d wrapped them in to protect them during the move, and began strategically placing them in the black corner curio cabinet. Quinton had given me a crystal ballerina when we’d first started dating over six years ago, and I have been collecting them ever since.

I had just placed a few figurines in the curio, when the doorbell rang. I ran over to the door and peeked through the peephole. Seeing that it was my fine ass cable guy, I held the door open for him as he carried his equipment in the living room.

“Nice place,” he said looking around.

“Thanks. Maybe it will be once I get everything unpacked.”

I went back to unpacking and tried to distract myself from watching Eddie’s ass and arm muscles as he began his work over by the entertainment system. After I finished carefully arranging the figurines inside the curio cabinet, I set up a ladder and grabbed a hammer so I could hang a round, Herringbone framed mirror over the fireplace mantel. I climbed onto the very top of the ladder and pondered exactly where I wanted it, then marked the spot with a pencil. I had leaned the mirror against the wall and once I knew where I wanted to hang the it, I reached down for the hammer and nails, but noticed the nails were still on the floor. I groaned inwardly, as I realized I would have to climb back down to retrieve them.

Maybe it was a sense of déjà vu from when I fell off of a ladder when I was in art class in the eighth grade in front of everybody-a fall which not only embarrassed the hell out of me, but also resulted in me going to the emergency room with a fractured wrist and a nasty bruise on my forehead from when I hit the floor, or it could have been the fact that I had been having really bad headaches and dizzy spells lately, but whatever the reason, I became light-headed. Before I could steady myself on the top rung of the ladder, I felt myself falling backwards. I squeezed my eyes shut tight in anticipation of hitting the floor, but a pair of strong arms broke my fall before my body slammed into the hard floor.

“Whoa, are you okay?” Eddie asked as he cradled me in his arms, a look of concern on his face.

I was dizzy, but not from the headache. Whatever cologne Eddie was wearing was intoxicating and made me even more lightheaded than I already had been a minute earlier. “Uh…y-yes; I’m okay. I’ve been having dizzy spells lately and I just lost my balance.”

“It’s a good thing I was here to protect you; that fall would have knocked you out cold and given you a concussion for sure.”

Eddie’s face was inches away from mine. Both of us were breathing hard, although I was sure it was for different reasons. “Yep, it’s a good thing you were here; but I’m fine now.”

“Yes, you are,” Eddie said staring into my eyes.

“So…you can put me down now.”

“Oh! I’m sorry,” Eddie said setting me down. “You sure you’re okay?” he asked as I stumbled forward a little. He grabbed my shoulders to steady me, as if he was worried that I might fall again.

“Really, I’m fine.”

“Here, why don’t I hang that mirror for you before you break it.”

Eddie climbed the ladder and I handed him the nails. He found the pencil mark I had made, indicating the spot where I wanted it, then he took the nail from me and hung the mirror.

“Thank you,” I said as I stood back and admired his handiwork.

“No problem. So, I’ve got the receiver hooked up in here; if you’ll show me to your bedroom, I can get started in there.”

“Cool. Follow me.”



I followed Shanice up the staircase. She was a petite little thing, probably no taller than 5’2, but she had curves in all the right places. I watched her ass as she climbed the stairs. I wonder is it’s as soft as it looks.

“It’s right in there,” Shanice said turning around suddenly.

I had been staring at her butt so hard, I walked right into her when she suddenly stopped and turned around. “Oh, sorry. I-I uh…guess I wasn’t paying attention.”

When Shanice smiled at me, I noticed the deep dimples she had in her cheeks. Damn, she’s fine, I thought to myself. Her husband should consider himself one lucky man to get to cuddle up with her fine ass every night.

Shanice unpacked a few boxes while I worked on hooking up the high definition receiver. Regardless of how professional I am, none of my female customers trusted me enough to leave a strange man alone in their bedrooms, and Shanice was no exception. She busied herself with hanging some wall art, while I did my job, or at least I tried to. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off of her.

“So, what’s Mr. Cannon do?” I asked, making small talk. The silence in the room, as well as the obvious mutual attraction between us, was kind of awkward.

“He’s a doctor at St. Marks Hospital,” she said, looking over her shoulder for a minute.

“Really? Small world; my wife works there too, as an admitting clerk. I wonder if they know each other?”

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that Shanice looked a little upset upon hearing me say I had a wife. I read people well, especially women. The eyes never lied, and she was definitely feeling me. Rather than answer my question, she shrugged her shoulders and went back to hanging pictures on the wall.

“Wow…a doctor, huh?” I said after Shanice ignored my question. “That must be nice.” I looked up at Shanice, who was leaned over removing some items from a box. I admired her perfectly ass. She had an onion booty for sure, and in the tribal print leggings she was wearing, it was real noticeable. She was in the perfect position for me to walk up behind her, pull those leggings down, and slide my dick in between her plump cheeks. You have got to chill your horny ass out, Ed. She’s married and so are you.

“Sometimes. It gets kind of lonely, though,” Shanice said suddenly, snapping me out of my lustful daydream. “Quinton mainly works the emergency room, so he’s gone most of the time. Sometimes, I think he prefers it that way.”

I shook my head in disagreement. “I’m sure you’re imagining things,” I told her. “As sexy as you are, no man in his right mind would want to be away from you for too long.”

Shanice blushed and bit her lower lip nervously. I could tell it had been a long time since a man had given her a compliment. “Thank you.”

We stared at each other for a few intense seconds. She licked her lips nervously again, then looked away. Yeah, she wants me. She couldn’t even look me in the face, for fear that I’d be able to read her mind and know what she was thinking. And no, I’m not cocky or arrogant…well, maybe a little; but this has nothing to do with arrogance, and everything to do with body language.

Watching Shanice flick her tongue across her bottom lip caused the bulge between my legs to swell as the rapid flow of blood shot from the head on my shoulders to the head of my dick, causing me to get a stiff erection. Because several weeks had gone by since I’d had sex with my wife, Jessica, I knew that at least part of the reason why I’d been immediately attracted to Shanice was due to the fact that I was horny as hell.

Jessica worked long hours at the hospital, and I tried to take that into consideration. But lately she never seemed interested in having much to do with me, sexually or otherwise when she was home. Our wedding was only a little over a year ago, and I had hoped that maybe once all the wedding hoopla was over and done with, we could finally rekindle our old flame as we settled into marriage. However, we seemed to be growing further apart, rather than closer as man and wife, and my patience was wearing thin.

“Well, I guess I’m done here,” I said about fifteen minutes later. “You can watch all the high definition television you want now. Do you need me to show you show you all the features on the remote, or you think you can manage?”

“I think I can manage,” she said.

I tried to focus on her face, but her erect nipples pushing through the white t-shirt she was wearing had my full attention at the moment. Before I did something stupid, I removed a business card from my shirt pocket and walked over to hand it to her. My erection was getting bigger, and I didn’t want her to notice it. “Okay well, if you start having any problems with the receivers or just questions in general, feel free to call me on my direct line.”

Shanice took the card from my hand and glanced at it. “I’ll do that,” she said. I followed behind her when she turned and left the room. When we made it to the front door, she held it open for me as I grabbed the rest of my equipment from the living room floor.

“Oh, no more climbing up on ladders,” I told her before I walked outside.

She smiled shyly and nodded her head in agreement. “No more climbing ladders.”

I walked to my truck and got inside, but I didn’t leave right away. Part of me wanted to go back inside and give her exactly what I know she wanted. I saw how she was looking at me. Had I made a move, she wouldn’t have stopped me. The old me would have done just that, but since I was married and a one-woman man now, I simply started my van, and drove off, before I did something I’d regret later.


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All Bet’s Are Off is the follow-up to my novel, Two Can Play That Game.

all-betsAfter Mya revealed to Gavin- her husband to be- on their wedding night that she couldn’t marry him because she was in love with his brother, Derek, Gavin angrily stormed out of the house, only to be tragically killed in a car accident minutes later. That was five years ago, and both Mya and Derek still carry around guilt in their hearts over Gavin’s death. But one good thing came from that tragic situation- Mya’s son, who was conceived with Gavin before he died.

Over the years, Derek stepped up and helped Mya raise his nephew and, unable to hide his true feelings- that he’s still in love with her- he eventually asks Mya to marry him and adopts his nephew so that he wouldn’t grow up without a father. Happily married and having finally found real love, Mya’s dreams have finally come true; but it’s not happily ever after for the couple, just yet.
As Derek moves up the ranks at the record label he works at, Jasmine- one of his artists- develops more than just professional interests in him. No longer the cute 18 year old girl she was when Derek discovered her, she’s now a 23 year old sexy songstress, sought after by men everywhere- both personally and professionally; but she only has eyes for Derek.

Derek thinks she’s harmless and it’s strictly business between them, but Mya knows what Jasmine is up to, and she’s not having it; however, will her jealousy and insecurity push Derek into Jasmine’s arms…and bed?
All really is fair in love and war, because Jasmine will go to any extreme to get Derek in her bed; and Mya will go to any extreme to keep him in hers.
May the best woman win!

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