30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 10-21

30dayChyle, I’m so behind on this here writing challenge. I am really trying to keep up with it, but…yeah. The last time I did a post was on day 9, I think. Since it’s my day off, I’m going to attempt to catch up. Leggo!

Day 10: A fruit you dislike– Pears. They’re just…blah!

Day 11: Your current relationship status– Happily divorced as of November 2015. Check out my divorce blog, The Sarcastic Divorcee (shameless plugging, I know)

Day 12: Two words/phrases that make you laugh– Well, “you name it” is sweeping social media right now…it makes me giggle

Day 13: Your commute to/from work/school/etc.– Well, I live just a couple of blocks up the street from my job, so I don’t have far to travel at all.

Day 14: Your life in 7 years– I hope to be married again. I loved being married…I was just married to the wrong man. I hope that both of my children are doing well in life. I just hope to be living and happy.

Day 15: Three pet peeves– Just 3? Anyway, here they are. (1) Pictures hanging crooked on the wall. IDK why, but seeing a picture not hanging straight irks me and I will get up and go straighten it. (2) People who drive 5 mph in front of me when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere…and they stare at me through their mirror the whole time, as if they know I’m in a hurry and they’re pissing me off on purpose. Yes, I have a tiny bit of road rage. (3) Overly chatty co-workers who over-share too much of their lives. I like talking and laughing to make the time go by, but I’m not much of a small-talker. I hate small talk. Like, I have no problem being quiet sometimes. I’m a Virgo- I like to think more than talk, especially if I’m not particularly fond of you and I couldn’t care less what you’re talking about. Yeah, Chatty Patty’s irk my soul too. Like, does my facial expression not scream, “Stop talking to me? STFU, already!” 

Day 16: Bullet your entire day: I don’t have much of a life. I go to work and come home, except for my dreaded daily trip to Walmart. My son plays high school football, so my Friday nights consisted of me going to football games, but now that football season has ended, I’m sure I’ll be sitting at home, per usual. Today is my offday, so I woke up at 5:30 (the time I’m usually just going in to work) and I’ve been lying around watching tv all morning, until I decided to update the blogs. I’m thinking about taking the Christmas decorations out later on, but I’m not holding myself to that. I don’t really plan on doing a lot today at all.

Day 17: A quote you try to live by: Live, Laugh, Love. My all-time favorite. Life is short and I plan to spend my days living life to the fullest, I love to laugh at any and everything, and I’d rather love more than hate.

Day 18: Your favorite color and why– Hot pink/fuschia. IDK why, but I love it. It’s bright, it’s vibrant, it’s sexy.

Day 19: Five fears that you have– (1) Dying. I know we all have to, but…; (2) losing one of my children..just go ahead and toss me in the psych ward if that happens; (3) growing old alone- I do not want to spend my life by myself; (4) a tornado coming through and blowing me away. I am terrified of tornadoes and two years ago, one ripped through my small town at about 11:30 at night and actually killed a couple trying to protect their baby. The baby survived, they didn’t. Scariest night ever; (5) Drowning. I almost did when I was about 9..in a lake while on a church picnic. Luckily, some man saved me. I love the water…as long as I don’t have to get in it. My biggest fear is that I will somehow find myself in my car under water and I won’t be able to get out.

Day 20: Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 3 songs that play and what you initial thought is– (1) So Many Tears by Tupac; (2) Wicked Games by The Weekend; (3) You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson. My thought is, I love all kinds of music. I turn into an instant gangsta whenever a Tupac song comes on, then I get my sexy on when I listen to The Weekend, and I just want to hold the love of my life (if I had one) tight when I listen to this song by M.J. R.I.P. Michael.

Day 21: Your zodiac horoscope and whether you think it fits you. I am a Virgo, all day, everyday. I know the whole zodiac sign thing is for fun, but there has not been one Virgo quality/trait/characteristic that I’ve come across that doesn’t fit me and my personality- good or bad. It’s almost scary sometimes how the characteristics that are listed for Virgos are like 100% accurate when it comes to me.



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