Days 7,8, & 9: 30 Day Writing Challenge

30dayY’all, I am so trying to keep up with this 30 day writing challenge, but like most of the world, the presidential election has held my attention for the last several days. #Elections2016 came to a tragic end last night when Donald Trump was elected president. I’ll save my thoughts on that for another day when I’m able to even formulate my reaction to that. Anyway, I’ve missed the last 3 days of the challenge, so I’ll do days 7 and 8 along with today all in one post.

Day 7: What tattoos do you have and what is the meaning? I have two tattoos. I got both on the same day in 2007 (I think). I have two connecting hearts on my right bicep with my children’s names (Ja’Coree & Kenya) written inside each heart, and on my right calf, I have a rose with the word Virgo written on it (my zodiac sign) Neither hurt as much as I expected them to and I’d like to get more one day, but so far these are the only two I have.

Day 8: A book you love and one you didn’t: This is hard because I’m a bookworm and I’ve read hundreds of books that I love. Off the top of my head, I’ll say the one I loved (the most) was Remembering Whitney: My Story Of Love, Loss, And The Night The Music Stopped, the autobiography written by Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston. As a huge Whitney fan, I cried real tears while reading parts of this book. While it was hard to read some things I never knew about my favorite singer, it gave me an inside look at her private life, her pain, and struggles from the one person who knew her best and who had nothing but her best interest at heart…her mother. As for the book I hated, I haven’t read a book that was so bad that I hated it, but there are some that I’ve read that didn’t hold my attention. There was this urban book, Love In The Chamber, that was one of them. While I don’t have anything against urban fiction/authors, I just couldn’t get into this story and I didn’t make it past 3% on my Kindle. Not saying the author or the book was bad, but if the story doesn’t grab my attention in the first few pages, I get bored and move on to something else.

Day 9: Your feelings on ageism: Discrimination based on someone’s age…I don’t agree with that. I know that the elderly tend to become more forgetful as they grow older..dementia and alzheimer’s kicks in for many, and their minds are the first to go, but this is not the fate for all older people. There are some 70 years old’s with minds sharper than tacks and while they might move slower at a job, for instance due to age, they can be more qualified to do a job better than someone half their age. The same can be reversed. Just because someone is 16 or 17 years old and may not have as much life experience as someone ten or twenty years their senior, doesn’t mean they’re not qualified to perform a job, drive better, or perform any other daily activities just as good, if not better, than their elders. Ageism-No bueno.


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