Day 6- 30 Day writing challenge

30dayDay 6: Someone who fascinates you and why-

This is an easy one. With the 2016 presidential election coming up in just 2 short days, I, along with millions of other people, are already missing President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. While I would not vote for Trump, even if my life depended on it, I’m not too thrilled about voting for Hilary, either…although I did vote for her.

I admire President and First Lady Obama for leading this country with style, class, dignity, and respect. While we may not have always agreed with some of the president’s decisions, I’ve never felt that he intentionally did anything for personal gain, or to harm the nation. Having served two terms, President Obama faced 8 long years of racism and has been the most disrespected president in history, mainly by racist Conservative bigots who still to this day, with only two days left until another president is chosen, can’t get over the fact that a Black man was president of “their country.” No matter what President Obama did or said, he was criticized for it, yet he still maintained the class and dignity that a president should have. The same goes for Mrs. Obama. She is by far the most beautiful, stylish, classiest first lady this country has ever had, yet White women, especially, have shown nothing hatred for this woman and her two beautiful daughter, Malia and Sasha.

While I wish that President Obama could somehow serve a third term, I am glad that his time in office has almost come to an end, because I don’t know how he’s remained so calm and respectful while facing all the racism and hateful comments that is hurled at him and his family on a daily basis. President and Mrs. Obama will go down in history as one of the best, or the worst, depending on who you ask, but I, for one, am sad to see them go.


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