30 Day Writing Challenge (con’t)

30dayI missed days 3 and 4 of the writing challenge (procrastinating) so I’m going to do days 3,4, and 5 all in the same post so I can play catch up.

Day 3: First love/first kiss– Well, my first love actually wasn’t my first boyfriend. Although we were all in high school together, 20 years ago, I didn’t actually start ‘going together’ with my first love until around prom of my senior year (he was a junior) So, we started talking about a week before prom and continued dating for a few months after I graduated. I also shared my first ‘real, real kiss’ with my first love.

Day 4: Ten interesting facts about yourself-

  1. I am terribly afraid of clowns and this didn’t just start with this whole creepy clown phase that’s swept the nation…I’ve been afraid of them ever since I watched IT when I was a kid.
  2. I became a published author in 2014 and have self- published over 15 books
  3. I have an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice
  4. I worked in a correctional center for exactly one day (actually I didn’t even finish the whole shift)
  5. I am afraid of the dark and I simply cannot and will not sleep without the tv and the bathroom light on at night
  6. I’ve survived a couple of near death experiences, including drowning and strangulation.
  7. I have no eyelashes because I have suffer from trichotillomania, a hair pulling disorder…I have been pulling out my lashes for several years
  8. Even though I’m outgoing, I used to be painfully shy in school, and I still am at times now as an adult.
  9. I’m embarrassingly clumsy and accident prone
  10. I’ve been down with the swirl (another story for another day)


Day 5: A place you’d live, but have never visited– I was born and raised in southern Arkansas, and I’ve never lived in a town with a population of more than 5,000 people, so I’m not sure how I was function living in a big city, but I would love to live in San Francisco, but if we’re talking outside the U.S., I’d love to live in Jamaica


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