Review: What’s Done In The Dark by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

doneFive Stars:

Fast paced..pulled me in from the beginning. I was on the fence about Felise- sometimes I simply had to shake my head at her and her shenanigans and at other times, I felt bad for her. She wasn’t a bad person, she simply made a mistake. However, I despised Felise’s husband, Greg. He was a grade-A butthole throughout the entire book. Not even when he found out Felise’s secret did I feel bad for him, and how he went about the big reveal- especially when he’d been unfaithful himself- made me think even lesser of him, and if if he couldn’t get any worse, he tried to do what most men do and use their child to get back at a woman for hurting him, which makes him the worst kind of man. If I were Felise, there is nothing in me that would have wanted him back, no matter how much I’d messed up. This story goes to show how sometimes it’s not cheating and infidelity that can create problems in a marriage, emotional neglect can cause problems between a man and wife, which is what Paula did to Steven, which was what led him to cheat. I felt bad for all parties involved…except for Greg. Great read.


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