Why is the media still glorifying George Zimmerman

I absolutely refuse to post or re-post any photo I see on social media of child-killer, George Zimmerman. The site of his greasy, disgustingly arrogant face irks my soul. The only person I despise…no make that, I hate more than Zimmerman, is Donald Trump. Much to pretty much everybody’s dismay (except racist, white trash) we are mad as hell to see that Zimmerman is back in the news again, this time trying to auction off the gun he used to kill 17 year old Trayvon  Martin, after he stalked him and hunted him down, and provoked a fight with the kid, who only had a cell phone, a package of Skittles, and an Arizona Tea in his possession at the time of his tragic, completely uncalled for murder.

Racist white people view Zimmerman as a hero who ridded the world of one more useless Black man; but to this young man’s family, he was everything. He was a son, brother, grandson…he was loved and he is missed. They have had to suffer and sadly relive their son’s tragic death over and over again since 2012. To see that not only is this man trying to profit off killing their son, he also never misses an opportunity to take cheap shots at them…taunting them, has to hurt them to the core. Hell, it hurts me, and this didn’t even happen to my child. But guess what, Zimmerman and those idiots who idolize him, Trayvon’s mom and dad aren’t the one’s who’ll have to deal with the karma that will surely come after what happened that night. And in case you don’t already know, karma is a BITCH, and I pray that God let’s me live long enough to see Zimmerman get what’s coming to him. I’m not a holy-roller, and I don’t go to church every Sunday, so I smile at the thought that one day, someone will (hopefully violently) rid the earth of this bottom of the barrel piece of scum.

I have often wondered how all of those old-ass white men and women on the jury couldn’t see that Zimmerman clearly murdered this kid, and at least charge him with manslaughter, whether voluntary or involuntary. All of the facts were clearly there. But then again, I think that it wouldn’t have mattered what solid facts the prosecution could’ve, should’ve, and would’ve pointed out, those racist ass men and women already had this boy marked as a thug who deserved to die because he dared to walk to the store at around 7:00 at night to grab some snacks to eat while watching a basketball game…because you know, all Black boys are thugs and are destined for a life behind bars in their eyes, anyway. Had Trayvon been a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy named Trevor, and Zimmerman been a Black man named Tyrone, I’d be willing to bet my life that their decision would have been completely different. I’ve also often wondered if the jury allowing this child-killer to walk free wasn’t payback for O.J. Simpson’s crime of murdering his wife and her friend back in the 90’s. For those of us old enough to remember, just about everybody (Black & White) thought-and still think-that O.J. killed them; but because he was a famous football star/celebrity and had money to hire the best team of lawyers, he walked out of that courtroom a free man. White folks, especially, were outraged that a Black man got away with murdering two white people…white folks just like those chosen to sit on the grand jury in Zimmerman’s murder trial. In their eyes, payback was indeed, a bitch…because there is no way in hell anybody with an ounce of common sense wouldn’t see that that was an open and shut case of manslaughter, even if they couldn’t prove deliberate, intentional murder. I think they had other reasons for letting Zimmerman- who sat and smiled and laughed throughout the trial,completely unbothered and not feeling or even attempting to show one shred of remorse or guilt- walk free.

I will say this- the defense’s strategy of having Zimmerman show up to court each day- clean-shaven, looking like the fat-ass, punk-ass coward/bully that he truly is, and making it seem like there is no way that this Pillsbury doughboy looking douchebag would harm a fly (the same way Jodi Arias’ defense team had her looking like a sweet, innocent Catholic schoolgirl when she was, in fact, a cold-blooded killer) was a good one. His seemingly calm demeanor was a total contradiction to the wannbe hard-edged look he’s rocking now- with his bald head and beard. But, even with these drastic changes to his appearance, he’s still as cowardly and spineless as the lion in the Wizard of Oz. And unlike the jury, I’m not naive enough to think he was innocent and not to be blamed for anything that happened that night. Stand Your Ground, my ass. Since when is picking a fight with someone, provoking them to get physical with you, so you can use that as an excuse to shoot them, a defense? That’s not even self-defense, but I digress.

Like most privileged white men, Zimmerman thinks he’s Mr. Untouchable since he got away with killing a ni**er, but he’s clearly never watched I (Almost) Got Away With It, nor has he obviously not learned anything from O.J. You’ll never be able to get away with what you did. One day, he will let his ego get even bigger than it already is, and he’ll mess with the wrong person. I’m sure O.J. never thought he’d see the inside of  a prison cell, either, after being found not guilty for the murders he committed.

I simply cannot understand what the media finds so fascinating about this fool (I can’t keep referring to  him as a man, because he’s not one) I remember reading somewhere that there was a Kardashian filter- which lets people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired about hearing and reading about Kim, Kanye, Caitlyn, and that whole lame ass family- block them from their social media feeds. Well, I wish there was a filter to block out all stories and mentions about  George Zimmerman. Stop giving him the attention he wants and doesn’t deserve. How would you feel if someone murdered your mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife, best-friend, and worst of all, your child, and they walked free…and to add salt to the wounds, they taunt you about taking your loved one’s life, every chance they get?

Every time I see folks supporting Zimmerman or the news talking about him, I think about the movie, A Time To Kill, when Jake was making closing arguments to the jury- “Close your eyes and imagine that Trayvon was a white boy. Put yourself in his shoes…imagine how he must had felt to have some strange man following him to his dad’s house in the gated community where he was living and would unfortunately lose his life in before he had a chance to make it home; imagine him being confronted by this man- who for some reason or another, decided he didn’t like the way the kid looked, or the way he was dressed and figured he must had been up to no good because he was walking alone with a hoodie on, trying to avoid getting wet due to the fact that it started to rain- picked a fight with that kid, then pulled out a gun and shot him, ending his life before it even started good. Can you see him?” Is it funny that ‘Trevors’ killer clearly doesn’t feel bad about his decision to disobey the police dispatchers orders and NOT get out of his car and follow that boy to his home, then senselessly end his 17 year old life after he realized the fight he started wasn’t going to be as easy to win as he thought it would be? Imagine ‘Trevor’ lying there in the grass with a hole in his chest, struggling to take his last breaths. Imagine people using ‘Trevors’ death scene photo- in which he died with his eyes open-plastering it all over social media, in any way that they see fit…mostly in sickening, degrading ways, for their own twisted pleasure…the same way white folks back in slavery days and during the Civil Rights movements used to proudly display their lynchings of Black folks. Is it still funny to you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So, why is it so funny that this is happening in Trayvon’s case? IT’S NOT! If you think it is, I pray you feel the exact pain that Ms. Fulton and Mr. Martin has endured since that night in February, 2012, when they lost their son.

I don’t give a damn if Trayvon wasn’t the perfect child or if his parents were less than perfect. I also read an article today that Zimmerman is still talking shit to Trayvon’s parents, saying, “They didn’t raise him right, and he feels like the victim.” Newsflash, none of us are perfect! Parenting is hard as hell and single mom’s all over the world- of all races-sometimes have to make the difficult decision to send their sons to live with their dad for a while, in hopes that he can raise him to be a man better than she can. That doesn’t make Sabrina Fulton an unfit parent, or suggest that she didn’t care about her son. That makes her a damn good mom, who did what she thought was best for her child. We all screw up and do dumb things, especially when we’re young. Kids get into fistfights, get suspended from school, get detention, talk back to their parents, come home late when they know they have a curfew, experiment with drinking and/or smoking. Some of us did all of this and then some when we were young, too. But most of us outgrow that dumb shit as we get older, and we go on to live productive lives, and be great parents, friends, and employees. Zimmerman- in a very unapologetic way- took that chance away from Trayvon, and rather than just go on about his life and enjoy his ‘undeserved’ freedom while he still has it, he chooses to immaturely boast about his crime as often as he can, as if it’s something to be proud of; and the media is all too happy to report it to the world every time Zimmerman wants to relish in and take pride in taking the life of an unarmed boy. I may not be the most religious person, but the Bible says, “An eye for an eye.”  If I were him, I wouldn’t brag too much or get too comfortable. Karma has a way of showing up when we least expect it.


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