McDonald’s sells sweet tea by the gallon and I’m so excited..

teaOmg, I came across this on Facebook and I got sooo happy. Other than a cup of ice from Sonic, this tea is my second most favorite edible/drinkable item in the world. I have so many Sonic and McDonald’s cups in my house, it’s ridiculous. I immediately tagged my son- who works after school at Mickey D’s and was in school at the moment- and asked him why he didn’t tell me about this. I was so about to be that person…like, “Yo, hook your mama up with a gallon of tea!” Then, he busted my bubble and broke my heart by saying he’s not aware that they sell my crack/diabetes in a cup by the gallon at the McDonald’s here. Why are they playing with my emotions like this? This is false advertising. If they aren’t going to make gallons of sweet tea available all over the world, then don’t put this into the universe, destroying people’s hopes and dreams.I got excited for nothing. But seriously, who do I need to speak to about this?


2 thoughts on “McDonald’s sells sweet tea by the gallon and I’m so excited..”

  1. Yeah they sell it by the gallon in North Carolina. I live in Ohio now and I asked for a gallon of sweet tea and the lady laughed at me hahahaha…I miss my crack in a gallon now!


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