Underground Is My New Favorite tv show..


So, ever since I got divorced and became a single mom again, I had to cut back on some things so my kids and I could keep our heads above water. One of those things was my beloved DirecTV. Lord knows I am a homebody and the tv is my bestie, but even while I was still married, DirecTV was seriously putting a dent in my wallet, and I simply couldn’t afford to keep paying them that $120.00/month. Now, I’m not completely without entertainment- I am a bookworm, and an author, so I always have characters (whether someone else’s or my own) to keep me company, I have a 17 and an 11 year old, so there’s never a shortage or entertainment with my kiddos, and I have HULU. That $7.99/month I pay to watch most of the same things I watched with DirecTV isn’t too shabby.

Anyway, HULU is great- I still get to watch Scandal and Empire- but it doesn’t have all the channels and stations I was accustomed to (even though I used to complain that with over 200 channels, there was still nothing worth watching on tv). I can’t get WGN, so I had no idea what Underground was. I saw a couple of Facebook buddies posting about it, but I still didn’t know what the show was about, or how freaking good it is. Thanks to the internet, with a little research, you can find just about anything, and after some digging, I found a site that allows me to watch Underground. I was hooked from the first episode. I’ve binge watched over the past week, even staying up until nearly 2 am trying to catch up on what I’ve missed. The music, directing, acting…everything is unbelievable. I have literally held my breath on some scenes, praying to God that they don’t catch my Noah. Yeah, he is my new M.C.E. (man-crush everyday) I’l definitely run with him anywhere, any time of the day or night. I’ve come to the last episode before the season finale, and I just can’t wait to see what will happen next. As a matter of fact, I’m cutting this post short. A box of chocolate Turtle’s and Underground awaits me.


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