People who could have been sacrificed so we could still have Prince


I, along with most people in the world, am still in shock over The Purple One’s sudden departure from this world. Whyyyyyy??? Like, there are so many more deserving people who I could do without seeing…who I wouldn’t think twice about, or miss one bit if they died instead of Prince.

Let’s see, there’s Donald Trump (self-explanatory)

Stacey Dash

Sarah Palin

Donald Trump supporters

Ann Coulter

Ben Carson

Kanye West

Pretty much anybody from Faux News

There are so many more, but these are the people at the top of my list. Why Prince? The most fabulous, prettiest, sexiest, best-dressed, best side-eye giver, freakiest, most eccentric, androgynist man who ever lived. I used to love to listen to him give interviews. Because he usually dressed so feminine, most people probably expected him to speak in a higher pitch. But babbyyyy, when that man opened his mouth to talk, and that deep, smooth, silky baritone came out of it, I would just hot butter in a scorching hot cast iron skillet. Seriously, his voice was like instant foreplay. He wouldn’t even need to touch me…just speak to me in that deep voice that he belted out, oh so well. To know that I won’t get to hear that voice again, yet I’ll be subjected to hearing the irritating voices of any of the people listed above, just isn’t fair. I know the time will come when we’ll all have to go, but it’s still shocking.

Aside from all of the amazing qualities I mentioned earlier, he was also The King of Shade. A Youtube user who goes by the name ‘Killer Queen’ put together a compilation video of some of his best, most shadiest moments. Watch it below.



He had a side-eye that rivaled Michelle Obama’s (and FLOTUS can give a mean side-eye when she wants to) He didn’t even need to say anything…his facial expressions just always seemed to show when he wasn’t impressed with something or someone. Like the time he so effortlessly gave Alicia Keys the side-eye when she climbed her pregnant behind up on top of that piano during her performance honoring him with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Yes, I felt the breeze from those palm trees he threw through the tv screen, even though it didn’t last long. It was part, “Lord, I hope she doesn’t fall,” and part, “If she don’t get her butt down from there…wtf is she doing?”




Another perfect example of his infamous side-eye was at the Grammy’s while he was listening to Beck give his acceptance speech after winning Album of the Year..just see the picture below.

Prince was clearly not too impressed  with Beck, who he’d just presented with the Album of the Year Award

That face spoke volumes. Aside from his shade-throwing, though, we can all agree that he was an amazing performer. For those of us who grew up in the 80’s, we can practically recite most of his lines from Purple Rain, which we’ve watched over and over again. When Doves Cry will always be one of my favorite songs, although there are many. Kiss, Insatiable, Do Me, Baby, How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore….the man had hits for days. That he wrote music, played several instruments, and gave unforgettable performances was impressive. He was different, he was funky, he was edgy, he didn’t mind stepping outside the box to try something different, he didn’t mind showing his freaky side -both on and offstage. Anybody who puts on a lace, yellow suit, which featured butt-less pants and boldly shows his caramel frappe colored ass to the world, with absolutely no shame, is a bad man.


Artists are known for doing all sorts of crazy things onstage (Lady Gaga and that ridiculous meat dress; Miley Cyrus and just about everything she says, wears, and does) But no matter how hard they try, it doesn’t compare to anything Prince did. He did weird flawlessly and effortlessly. He never looked like he was trying too hard to be something he wasn’t, like many of today’s artist’s (and I use that term lightly) try to do.

I really don’t know what else to say about him that hundred’s of other bloggers haven’t already said. He was an icon, a legend, and he will be truly missed. The world has already been turned purple, with several landmarks- like the Minnesota Twins Stadium and the Eiffel Tower- lit up in Prince’s honor, as purple was his signature color.   Google even created a doodle in his honor. 


It saddens me that all of the great performers that I had the pleasure of growing up watching, are all leaving. Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Left-Eye, Tupac, Biggie, and now Prince. It’s just too much. But I imagine that all of them together in heaven must be throwing one hell of a party. Rest in peace & love, Prince.




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