Vote- because Donald Trump becoming POTUS is not an option

It’s #SuperTuesday Voting day in Arkansas and vote even though I have worked the last six days straight, had to be at work at 5:30 this morning and worked late, I made it my business to go cast my vote as soon as I got off. Rosa Parks got arrested so that I could vote. Dr. King was assassinated so that I could vote. Countless other Civil Rights activists and leaders were lynched, harassed, tortured, jailed, and killed so that Black people could have the right to vote. That should be motivation for my people to take a few minutes out of your day and go let your voice be heard. However, if that’s not motivation enough, Donald Trump could very well be our next President if you don’t exercise your right and privilege to vote. Just let that marinate for a few minutes. That man oozes racism. He doesn’t even try to hide his disdain for people of color. If he wins this election, he would single-handedly ship all of our black asses back to Africa on the first thing smoking. And I, for one, would have my bags packed and be the first in line to hop on the boat that brought my ancestors over here and gladly leave if he becomes President.

What really pisses me off about him, aside from his obvious dislike for my people, is the fact that this election is just a game to him. He’s not even really taking this serious. Becoming the next President to Trump is like dangling a shiny new toy in front of a kid. They want it because it’s something exciting and new; but after a few days, they lose interest in it, and turn their attention to something else. He’s just getting up there making a mockery of something that affects an entire nation of people. What is he going to do when- God forbid he wins- he has to communicate with leaders from other countries…crack lame jokes and make insults about them, just because he doesn’t agree with them? He’s way too damn old to be so childish, and anybody that is seriously rooting for this man-child to win has to be just as ignorant and simple-minded as he is. I’m not on the Bernie train, nor am I exactly thrilled about Hillary as a candidate, even though I definitely think she’s woman enough to handle the job; but I would rather see either one of them in office over Trump. People say history repeats itself, and these Republicants (slave masters)  would love to put us back on the plantation, working our asses off while they crack whips across our backs if we dare get out of line, and their wives would love to make us darkies cook their meals, clean their homes, and be mammies to their babies, just like they did our ancestors in slavery days. Even Stacey Dash, would be shipped back to the Motherland right along with the rest of us, no matter how much she foolishly advocates for Trump and associates. At least she can be comforted by the fact that she would probably be a house slave, her and Raven-Symone, even though she claims  she’s not to be African-American *insert side-eye followed by an eye-roll* Are y’all trying to go back to that? Nope, I ain’t either so GET UP AND VOTE!!!



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