Writer Wednesday: Excerpt from my short story ‘The Ex Factor’ (The Ex Chronicles Anthology)

ex chron


“So, how’s Michelle and those adorable babies?”

Taye rolled his eyes. “The kids are fine.”

“Uh oh…I know that look. What’s wrong, trouble on paradise island?”

They found a bench and sat down to rest for a minute.

“I’m trying, Brie; I really am. But, she just keeps pushing me. You know I just got her a new car not too long ago, right?”

“Yeah, you mentioned that the last time we talked.”

“Well, she had the nerve to tell me tonight that she wants another car…just because her best friend got another one. I try not to call her the b-word, but that’s exactly what she acts like- a spoiled, lazy, entitled… b-word.”

Brie laughed. “That’s what you get for picking up chicks in the club. You’re having second thoughts about taking that big booty in the tight dress home now, huh?”

“Are you trying to make me feel better? Because it’s not helping,” Taye said with a pout.

“Aww…I’m sorry. Actually, I’m not; but I’ll keep my thoughts and opinions about Michelle to myself.”

Brie had never liked Michelle, nor did she think she was the right woman for Taye, and she’d told him that…right up until the day he married her; but he’d told her he wanted to make an honest woman of Michelle since she had his babies, a decision he was now regretting, obviously.

“Hey, remember that pact we made back in high school?” Brie asked him as she stuffed the last of her pretzel in her mouth and washed it down with some ice cold lemonade.

Taye laughed. “Yep, I remember it. We said if we weren’t married by the time we both turned thirty, we were marrying each other. I also remember that was the night you took my virginity.”

“Hold up, I didn’t take it…you gave it to me. You were a horny fifteen year old, and you couldn’t wait to get some, because all your friends were already doing it. Anyway, you’re married now, so…” she let her words linger.

“Yeah…but if things don’t change, I won’t be for long.”


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